"As segregation kept whites and blacks apart, Joe, the cop-cum-concert impresario, bridged the gap, one superstar at a time ... "

Walter Magazine

"Glancing into a plastic stand-up mirror, I’m startled by a stranger, a fetching one at that. My normally wide nose is as thin as an arrowhead, my cheekbones sharp enough to cut a gash in Angelina Jolie’s self-esteem. It’s not me, it’s Debbie D. Lirius."

"Just two miles from the suburban farm where the Revolution’s 90-year-old former El Comandante, Fidel Castro, fades into history, your American correspondent quick-steps into the finals of the Hotel Nacional’s nightly dance contest ..."

Our State Magazine

Exploring the business, cultural significance and tangy taste of the world's most radiant wieners.

"Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, reclined against a wall, beating the heat that June day with a long pull on the straw protruding from a cold Big Cup cup. She had come to this basement at our behest ... "

"If hell exists, the thermostat will be set at Summer in the South and the dress code will be traditional men’s business attire ..."